More Empty Cigar Boxes Than We Know What To Do With

So what does a store with over 1500 different cigars on its shelves have a lot of? Empty cigar boxes in its storeroom. We are talking beautiful boxes made from real wood with real character and craftsmanship from cigar makers like Acid, Ashton, My Father, Chillin’ Moose and more.

Empty cigar boxes are perfect to store all of your tobacco gear: your torch lighter, cigar cutters, matches, pipes, etc. Or, for all of you artsy types and DYI enthusiasts, you can also use empty cigar boxes for your favorite craft projects: cigar box guitars, cigar box purses, cigar box lamps, cigar box speakers, and even beautiful jewelry boxes. Sure you may find a few empty cigar boxes on Etsy or EBay, but they cannot match the selection and quantities that we have here at The Wharf.